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Should You Really Not Shampoo Often

Many people go days without washing their hair in the belief that their hair will not get as oily as quickly. This method is also based on reactive seborrhea; proponents believe that shampooing too often strips the hair of its natural oil and tells the scalp to produce more.

How Often to Use Shampoo

For the same reasons that reactive seborrhea does not actually occur on your face, it does not occur on your scalp either. Like your face, your scalp does not have any sensors that would tell the body to start producing more oil. The oil production of the scalp is also only controlled by the amount of male hormones you have. Instead, if you have oily hair, try washing it every day. If your shampoo seems like it's not as effective as it used to be, trying using a different product once a week and your regular shampoo will be like new.

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