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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

So, how long exactly do we have to wait?

Bottom Line: Ask a Dermatologist and they'll say two to three weeks. I know, I know, two weeks seems like a lifetime in this day and age; but, if you think about it, having great skin for months and years to come is worth the effort. Take, for example, a gentle chemical exfoliant. Daily use of this product will help you achieve a brighter, more lustrous, even skin tone... but it will take up to three to four weeks to reach optimal results. An exfoliant can't remove all of the dead skin cells (which are the cause of rough, uneven skin) in one go, and keeping your skin regularly free and clear of this build up will make it easier to maintain that healthy glow. See? Slow and steady wins the race (it's a day for idioms).

And what if it doesn't work?

If a skincare product isn't working after, say, three weeks, you might want to give another one a shot. But remember to give the new one time to settle in. Oh, and if you get a bad reaction after trying something new, you probably don't want to use it again. Your skin shouldn't have to get worse before it gets better.

Instant gratification

It's not all about the wait. There are a few products out there with instant gratification, like moisturizers, sunscreens, tensors and plumpers. But when it comes to those skincare essentials, like exfoliants, you'll want to give them time to work their magic.

A few weeks back I went over a "one month to great skin" regimen. Check it out. Hey, if you start now, you'll be glowing for the holidays!

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