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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Applying Your Skincare Products in the Right Order

Applying Your Skincare Products in the Right Order

Believe it or not — figuring out the right order of application for your skincare products is one of the most challenging issues in all of skincare for most people! You’ve got your arsenal of amazing skincare products, but to get optimal benefits, the order in which you apply them matters. Find out where each skincare item belongs in your beauty regimen and you’re well on your way to having your most glowing, wrinkle-free skin yet.  

In What Order Should I Apply My Products?

If you’re asking yourself, “What order should I apply my skincare products?” you’re not alone. Most people have the same question because there are so many products for each and every skin concern. You’re using a daily cleanser to get rid of excess dirt and oil, a moisturizer to preventing dry skin and exfoliants to brighten your skin and maintain that youthful glow. And the order in which you apply these skin-perfecting products will help them to work even better.

Dr. Schultz gives us the scoop on how to do just that: “Apply your products from lightest to heaviest. The rule to take away is skincare products that are lighter in weight like lotions and watery products are applied first. The heavy ones like creams are applied second and the heavier ones like ointments are applied last.” The lighter the product, the earlier in your skincare process it should be applied to your skin. When you apply lighter products to your face first, they absorb quickly, allowing for the heavier products to sink into the skin as well. If you apply the heavier products first, they can potentially block the lighter ones from getting to your skin.

The One Thing You Always Need To Apply First

You know by now that you should be wearing sunscreen every day, but when you apply the sunscreen makes a difference in its efficacy. Make sure that after you wash and tone your face, the first product you’re applying is sunscreen. Dr. Schultz says, “First, I always recommend applying sunscreen the way the FDA tests it, which means it should always goes on first. For the sunscreen to work, it has to bind with the skin in a chemical reaction to make it able to absorb or block the sun rays.” There can’t be anything in between the sunscreen and the skin. The only thing that can be applied before sunscreen are acne spot treatments. They are usually very thin and won’t show on the skin. So you can apply them and then put sunscreen on. Every other product should go on after you apply sunscreen.”

BeautyRx Makes the Order of Application Simple

Now that you're an expert in the correct order of application for skincare products, we’ve made it even easier. BeautyRx has its own numbering system to keep it simple. Each product has its own Rx number listed on the product and the box, and you simply use each product from lowest to highest. So no matter what product combination you’re using, there’s no guessing and no confusion.

Here's even more from Dr. Schultz himself:

Applying skincare products in the most effective way is actually much simpler than you may have thought. As long as you apply them from lightest to heaviest and use your sunscreen first, then you’ll always be using them correctly to get more younger-looking skin and a gorgeous glow.

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