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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | A Skincare Mistake (or two)

A Skincare Mistake (or two)

I think I've mentioned my allergy to sunless tanners before - and I've made the same mistake several times over by trying different types of sunless tanners, thinking that my skin might accept one better than the other. I eventually figured out that I was allergic to the dye ingredient - dihydroxyacetone - and that was that. No more sunless tanners for me.

The Biggest Skincare Mistake

And as long as we are talking about repetitive skincare mistakes, I'd say my biggest one would have to be leaving the house without having first applied sunscreen. Sadly, I've done this more often that I'd like to admit. If I've learned anything, it's that sunscreen is the key element in the prevention of anti-aging (aka wrinkles and fine lines) and it should be the very first thing that touches your skin in the morning - after you've used your cleanser and toner.

Choose A Sheer Sunscreen

Sunscreen used to be yucky. When I was little I used to groan every time my mom pulled it out of the bag. It was thick, it smelled bad, and didn't rub in all the way. But oh how times have changed! Skincare has made leaps and bounds in terms of progress. We have plenty of variety in sunscreen products today, so your bound to find one you like. And putting it on is not only easy as pie, it's just as sweet.

Care to share any skincare mistakes of yours?

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