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The Best Kept Skin Care Secret

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

As you can tell, we're very excited over here at BeautyRx to not only be launching our new line of patient-proven, scientifically formulated skincare products, but also to be publishing our first post on the BeautyRx Blog.

We think that the best way to inaugurate the BeautyRx Blog is to explain what we're going to be doing here. Good thing for us, that's really simple!

We're going to be providing real solutions for real skincare issues, and sharing the best tips and tricks along the way. We're also going to be answering reader questions.

So without further ado, we'd like to present what we think is the most important skin care tip we will ever give.

No matter what skincare product you use, just make sure of one thing: That you love using it so you actually will use it time and time again. A skincare product is only good if it's applied to your skin. It won't do anything in a bottle.

We know. We know. This sounds pretty straight forward, right? But how many of your friends do you know who would rather suffer through rubbing their faces with coarse pink sea salt from the Himalayas because people claim it takes 20 years off your skin (although since it's not a pleasant experience stop doing it pretty quickly) rather than use a run-of-the-mill moisturizer that they know already works and love? Of course this is an exaggeration, but we hope it proves the point.

This "love the skincare products you use" approach is the exact same one that we take here at BeautyRx Skincare. We make sure that every product we make people will love. And we make sure of that through the feedback Dr. Schultz receives through the tens of thousands of patient visits during which he uses BeautyRx products to treat his patients.

So with that said, welcome to BeautyRx. We of course not only hope you'll love our products, but we also hope that you'll love the tips we're going to be sharing here several times a week on the BeautyRx Blog.

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