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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Skincare for the (long) weekend

Skincare for the (long) weekend

Most of us are eagerly looking forward to the Labor Day weekend. We will head to the beach, or to the countryside (in my case it's West Virginia), and sit back and relax as summer winds into fall. While we know what this extra time off will do for our stress levels, what exactly does it mean for skincare?

How traveling affects your skin

When you are away from home you might not get as much sleep or drink enough water, and there might be foreign elements that your sinuses have to adjust to; but, the truth is, all of these factors can affect your skin as well. Not to mention airplane regulations don't make it easy to pack up products. So what exactly should you bring?

A Cleanser

You should be cleansing twice daily. And yes, that's everyday. If you take at least one thing with you, take your facial cleanser (but, please, take more than one thing).


When you're heading out of town, dead skin cells that tag along might pair up with new environmental elements, causing rough patches or acne breakouts. Keep up the nightly application of an exfoliant, with an exfoliating cream to keep those unwanted clogs, dirt, and oils at bay and maintain a healthy glow.


Sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin against premature photo-aging. You wouldn't want to look back on the weekend and say, oh yeah, I had such a great time at the beach and picked up a fabulous new pair of wrinkles...

A Moisturizer

Travel in general sucks the moisture out of us, and for those of us that are flying, cabin pressure is just another name for dehydrator. Work in an application of facial moisturizer the night before your flight to help your skin stay soft and smooth at 40,000 feet. If you have one with an SPF that's even better, that way you can stay moisturized and protected from the sun all weekend long. Remember, many products double as a sunscreen (moisturizer, make-up, lip balm) which might save a bit of room in your suitcase.

Packing light and smart

Try to pick products in smaller bottles when you are jet setting with a carry-on. When you think about it, skincare products don't really take up that much space. And you'll be using them everyday, unlike those two extra pairs of shoes that you know you won't wear...

Happy Weekend!

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