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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

My aesthetician guided me through the facial, which (if you have never had one before) is a sequence of products applied to your face and d�colletage in a relatively soothing way. Some of these products were aromatic, some were cool, some tingled. At the end of the treatment, I exited the room with bright, glowing skin. I didn't even apply make-up before heading out to dinner (except for a bit of mascara).

I wasn't counting but I think that she applied at least six different creams or serums as well as a mask within that 60 minute time frame. This got me thinking - on a normal day, exactly how many skincare products should I be using?

The answer is...

It's up to you, or your skin rather. Now, I know that this might sound like a cop out, but it's true. Everyone's skin is a little bit different. While one person's regimen might be a dream come true, it might as well be someone else's nightmare.

It's not necessarily about the number of active ingredients (like glycolic acid) that you apply to your skin but, rather, it's about the vehicles (a cream or ointment) that house these skincare superfoods. In fact, many products that you use have three, four, or even ten active ingredients that are formulated to work together, without conflict.

Take it layer by layer.

As soon as a product, whether it's the second or the fifth, starts feeling heavy, you know your skin has reached its threshold. This is the point when the products are no longer being absorbed and lose their effectiveness. For instance, I know that I need to stay light on moisturizers and cream-based products; a little bit goes a long way. That's why I choose a light moisturizer with an SPF - two benefits for the price of one.

Stay in touch (pun intended) with your skin

Get to know that "heavy" feeling, or better yet, get to know what feels "just right." Keep in mind this might change depending on what time of year it is, where you are, or how old you might be. Just know that there's no right or wrong answer to how many skincare products should be in your bathroom cabinet. So, stock up!

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