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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Goodbye, Summer Skin Damage

Goodbye, Summer Skin Damage

Rejuvenation, layer by layer

I could have done a better job protecting my skin this summer, and many of you might feel the same way. So, why not start restoring your skin's natural beauty now? You'll want to begin by repairing the outer layer of your skin, to bring back its luster, remove brown spots and even its overall tone. Next you'll want to dig a bit deeper and work on the texture of your skin and any fine lines and wrinkles that have settled in.

Step 1: Correct and Protect

If you aren't doing so already, start exfoliating daily. Choose a gentle 8% glycolic product, like BeautyRx Daily Exfoliating Cream; after a few weeks you'll start seeing those brown spots fade and a brightness return to your skin. Exfoliation will also plump up your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

An antioxidant, like Protective Vitamin C Rescue Serum will stop any continuing damage from free radicals that might be in the pipeline. If brown spots or blotches have popped up, try using a bleaching product to fade any unwanted color.

Step 3: Moisturize

If your skin's natural moisture has been zapped by the sun, work a product like BeautyRx Nourishing Moisture Cream into your routine to rehydrate and to refresh. This will also help your skin prepare for the cold winter months yet to come.

Step 5: Prevent

Just because the days are getting shorter and temperatures are falling, doesn't mean that your sunscreen should go in the storage closet along with your sundresses. If you've experienced clogged pores and blemishes with your current sunscreen, try another product that matches your skin type a bit better to avoid any unwanted side effects. Use it daily to support the other products that are fighting skin damage; after, all you don't want to make them fight harder than they have to.

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