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For the past few months we've covered quite a bit on the BeautyRx blog. If you're a regular reader, you know by now the three essential skincare products you should using everyday: sunscreen, exfoliants, and antioxidants. We've talked about fine lines, wrinkles, rough and dull patches, dry cheeks and acne breakouts. But, I got to thinking, we haven't really talked skincare for other parts of the body. For example, tonight after cooking up a marvelous dinner, I had a sink full of dishes. Fifteen minutes later I had dry dishes and dry hands. Ugh.

How to Make Your Hands Look Younger

Men and women spend so much time, and money, on their faces. But, think about it, our hands are just as important. A hand shake can make or break a first impression. So I decided to check out DermTV and see what Dr. Schultz had to say about hands. And there happens to be a video about how to make your hands look younger. Cool!

Turns out (and you may have noticed) color, texture, and contour issues affect the hands just as they do the face. You could have brown spots or your skin could be dull, or have a rough texture. And, as we age, veins start looking more prominent and tendons start to bulge, especially on the back of our hands.

Lasers, Fillers and Exfoliation for Hands

Dr. Schultz suggests using lasers to take off the spots and areas of discoloration; contour issues can be plumped up by fillers. While these treatments necessitate a visit to the dermatologist, there is one thing you can do at home to help with texture: exfoliating with glycolic or salicylic acid products. Ah, exfoliation just gets better and better.

What hand-specific skincare issues irk you the most?

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