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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Coffee Grounds... for Your Face?

Coffee Grounds... for Your Face?

The argument for using these household kitchen items was that they're a one-minute fix for people short on time for skincare. But, is there a benefit? And is it more beneficial than a formulated skincare product?

There certainly are some weird products out there, and many of them claim to do wonders for wrinkles, fine lines, and all sorts of pesky skincare issues that may be plaguing our normally pristine faces. Actually, coffee grounds seem tame when compared to some other "ingredients," like nightingale poop (I'm not kidding, it's used in a facial).

The Two Parts of Skincare Products

I couldn't help but remind myself that there are two parts to skincare products: number one, the vessel and number two, the active ingredient. So let's compare coffee grounds to a skincare product like BeautyRx Vitamin C serum. They both share the same active ingredient, antioxidants, which help your skin combat free radicals and help protect against any additional photo-aging and damage that might be lurking around the corner. But the "vessels" in these two couldn't be any different.

I don't know about you but I'd much rather dab on a nice creamy antioxidant than whip up a mixture of coffee grounds and olive oil and plaster it on my face (even though it might smell absolutely amazing). No doubt there is an undeniable allure in using something unconventional and "handy", not to mention it's a conversation starter, but going AWOL on your skincare regimen won't necessarily lead you down a path to more beautiful skin. The bathroom cabinet isn't that far away...

My last word? Put your trust in your skincare products, they've got the stuff to make you glow.

PS: Have any unique skincare practices? Don't be afraid to share :)

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