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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

What does Dr. Schultz suggest? Spend four minutes a day on improving your skin. Just four minutes. He promises that dedicating this teeny weeny bit of time to your skin everyday and using the skincare essentials (exfoliants, antioxidants and sunscreen) we've been blogging about, you'll achieve brighter, more beautiful and healthy skin.

So, let's do some math. 4 minutes a day is 1,460 minutes a year, which breaks down to a little more than 24 hours a year. That's two hours a month. I know I've touched upon the need to take time out of our day for skincare, and at times I've talked 10 or 15 minutes. Well, last night, I timed myself. I clocked a quick two minutes and 32 seconds for cleansing and applying an exfoliant and antioxidant. I still had a minute and a half to spare. How about that! This might be easier than I thought. And I hope I'm starting to sounding more and more convincing... by the second.

You might also find Dr. Schultz's 2012 State of Skincare Address, one of the latest episodes on DermTV, pretty interesting. He talks a bit about what you might expect in the cosmetic/dermatology pipeline for the coming year. There's some good stuff in there if you ask me... click here to check it out. Or, if you're looking for a Manhattan NYC Dermatologist, call 212-369-9600 to schedule an appointment directly with Dr. Schultz!

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