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BeautyRx Live Returns

Well not to worry, you can check it out on the BeautyRx website... and I'll do you one better - give you a quick three minute preview that'll give you the gist. (But, please feel free to go back and tune into the show, maybe when you take that afternoon break.)

What is BeautyRx Live exactly? Well, on the third Wednesdays of each month, Dr. Schultz - the brain behind the BeautyRx brand - answers questions from people like you and me in real time (hence the word "Live").

So what came up last Wednesday?

Now that it's cold, my skin is dry and itchy... what do I do?

It's a great question for those of us who are in the middle of winter. The most important thing to do every morning is to use a moisturizer. It'll protect your skin against the drying effects of the wind. But remember, you also need sunscreen (everyday), so the best solution is to use a moisturizing sunscreen in the form of a heavier cream or lotion than what you normally use.

Can you become addicted to chapstick? Or lip moisturizers?

Another good "cold" weather question. Bottom line, you can't become addicted, but after some time, you may find that a certain product isn't strong enough, and you'd have to use something heavier. Again this all depends on how cold it is and what's causing your chapped lips. There is no "dependency" on chapstick, in the way that your skin can become reliant on other products, specifically topical corticosteroids.

I have combination/oily skin, and so I have flaky skin in certain parts of my face. This becomes exaggerated whenever I wear a foundation. What can I do?

Well, turns out, this is a common problem. If you have flaky skin and you aren't regularly exfoliating, the dead cells that are sticking up are exaggerated by your foundation. The key is exfoliating your skin on a regular basis to remove the dead cells that are sticking up and out from the surface of your skin.


Oh and save the date! The next BeautyRx Live is February 15th, so get your skincare questions ready... or, if it just can't wait, ask us now.

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