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In the winter, people adjust their skin care routine to accommodate for the dropping temperature. Luxurious creams replace lighter formulas to counteract the drying air. However, the same consideration is often forgotten come the warmer summer months. So here's your seasonal reminder!

Seasonal Switch

As the weather turns from spring to sticky summer, the heavier skincare products that have been protecting your skin from the dry air can actually congest your skin and cause you to break out. So they need to be swapped out for a lighter formula. This change does not require a full routine makeover, but rather one quick change: swapping your product vehicle.

Active vs. Vehicle

Skin care products consist of two parts: the active and the vehicle. The active is the ingredient(s) that is actually performing the task of the product. For example, the glycolic acid in a glycolic exfoliant is an active ingredient that performs the actual exfoliation. The vehicle is the delivery system for the active. It makes up most of what is pumped from the bottle, whether it is a gel, serum or lotion, and allows the active to be evenly distributed over skin.

Just as skin needs extra moisture in the winter, it needs less in the summer To avoid breakouts and bad skin from the humid summer air, set aside the creams and opt for something lighter this summer. The active ingredients will still help maintain a healthy complexion, but there will be no unnecessary moisture causing congestion.

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