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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Same Old, Same Old: Does Your Skin Get Used to Your Skincare?

Same Old, Same Old: Does Your Skin Get Used to Your Skincare?

You may remember the first post on this blog. Stuart wrote, "No matter what skincare product you use, just make sure of one thing: That you love using it so you actually will use it time and time again. A skincare product is only good if it's applied to your skin. It won't do anything in a bottle." Finding a product that you love and works is a feat considering how many products line the walls of drugstores and Sephora. But can your skin get used to your skincare?

Good News

The good news is, it is rare for your skin to get used to the beneficial results of a specific skincare product or regimen. As Dr. Schultz says, "If it's not broken, don't fix it." So if you are dedicated to your favorite products, don't worry about testing out something new.

The Catch

However, there are some times when change is good. We discussed earlier that as the seasons change so should your vehicle. This is a switch that should happen twice a year to avoid the breakouts that accompany using a seasonally-incorrect product, but remember, you don't have to switch the active, just the vehicle. There is one last catch: while using a product time and time again on your skin won't decrease its effectiveness, it can build up your tolerance for a stronger strength product. For example, Dr. Schultz suggests beginning an exfoliating regimen with a starter-strength glycolic to avoid the potential irritation of higher strength exfoliants. Then as your skin adjusts, you can move onto a higher strength.

Nonetheless, in most cases, your skincare will be effective long enough to warrant buying backups.

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