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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Bronzed and.... Exfoliated?

Bronzed and.... Exfoliated?

Exfoliation and tanner seem like they would be skincare enemies. However, their relationship is more amicable than you might think.

How It Works

Exfoliation works by removing a layer of dead cells that have not shed on their own. They remove these surface cells to reveal brighter and more luminous skin. Tanning also affects the top layer of cells. When you apply fake tanner, the product sinks into your skin and stains the top layers. The tan fades as your skin sheds dead cells. So it seems as if exfoliating would be the worst way to maintain a glowing tan.

How They Work Together

As you may have guessed, exfoliating and sunless tanner actually go hand-in-hand. Exfoliating removes clumps of dead skin cells, which allows for the sunless tanner to coat the skin evenly and create an even, realistic looking tan. It is these clumps of dead skin cells that can trap extra tanner and cause patchiness. It's true that exfoliating on the days after you apply self-tanner may reduce the time your skin stays bronze. Although, you may have to reapply a day or two early, your tan will look even and glowing every time. If you find that the tanning is significantly cutting down on your sunless tanner's lifespan, switch to exfoliating every other day.

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