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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Fake Bake: Fixing a Blotchy Self-Tan

Fake Bake: Fixing a Blotchy Self-Tan

Your sunless tanner should leave you looking fabulous, not fake. But a late night's application of tanner does not always result in the even, glowing tan that we expect. Luckily, there are a few quick fixes that ensure people won't think you escaped from Willy Wonka's factory.

Super Product

Last week we discussed the benefits of exfoliating before applying a fake tan. This same product can also help fix a blotchy tan. If you find that your tan is not all that you had hoped, you can use exfoliation to help remove some of it. As we mentioned earlier, exfoliating after you apply fake tan will take of your fake tan a day or two earlier. Using a chemical or granular (physical) exfoliant is a great way to help blend a blotchy tan and remove some of the orange-looking pigment from the top layers of your. This will help the tan look more natural and prepare your skin for a new, more even application of tanner. If you want extra exfoliation on your face, see your dermatologist for a glycolic peel. This will give you a deeper exfoliation without actually causing your skin to peel.

Some Cautions

There are some important things to note about self-tanner. Even though your skin is darker, self-tanner gives you no added protection against the sun. So a golden glow is no excuse to skip the sunscreen. That being said, self-tanners are the safest way to get a sun kissed look, so lather on the sunless tanner at night and the sunscreen in the morning. As Dr. Schultz always says, "You don't have to avoid the sun. You just have to protect yourself when you're in it."

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