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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Keep It Simple, Add a BB Cream to Your Routine

Keep It Simple, Add a BB Cream to Your Routine

While the shelves of drugstores, Ulta and even your own medicine cabinet are overflowing with products, how many can you really layer on before running out the house?

BB What?

BB Creams are just starting to appear in the US, but they are not as new as you think. BB creams, which stands for Blemish Balms, were created in Germany in the 1960s for women who had undergone laser treatments and surgery. BB Creams were intended to give them the protection they needed while they healed. However, it was South Korean actresses who brought BB Creams into the spotlight (see what I did there?) These actresses loved the BB creams for the flawless look they give their skin. The creams combine skincare, such as effective sun protection, antioxidants, whitening agents, pore minimizers, usually with makeup - primers, color and even the look of setting powder.


With all the benefits of BB Creams listed out, it's easy to see why they are garnering more and more attention. These products are a one-stop shop for your morning routine. Instead of trying to squeeze in extra time in the morning for your skincare routine, you can now hit snooze and still have time for all the essentials. Just be sure to still cleanse and tone before applying your BB Cream. It seems that's the only thing that these products don't do!

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