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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

Face Care, Hand Care

Your hands can also share some of your skincare products. For dull, flaky and tired looking skin on your hands, apply your exfoliator to your hands, while you're treating your face at night. And when you're outside, and especially when you are driving in the car, be sure to apply sunscreen to protect your hands from sun damage and future brown spots.


Brown spots are a common problem on the hands as we age. If you want them gone quickly, see your dermatologist to have them lasered off. For an at home approach, in addition to using sunscreen and an exfoliant as mentioned above, also use a peptide-based depigmentor.

Pump It Up

If the tendons and veins of your hands are becoming more prominent, you can have your dermatologist inject fillers, such as restylane, to account for the loss of volume.

As Dr. Schultz always says, "Don't lie about your age. Let your skin do it for you!" Including the skin on your hands!

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