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Facial Exercises

Exercising your body not only tones your muscles, but can even slightly tighten the skin. Unfortunately, the same is not true for your face. Facial exercise, including facial yoga, has been promoted by some as the best way to tone facial skin, but the reality is that it is actually accelerating the aging process.

Skincare, Not Yoga

When you move the muscles in your face, you are also moving the skin on top of those muscles. This movement stretches the elastic fibers of your facial skin, causing them to bend and fold. These fibers have a finite number of stretches; once that limit is reached, they will fail to contract, causing your skin to sag. Performing facial exercises cause unnecessary stress which leads to premature wrinkles and sagging.

The best course of action is to maintain a consistent skincare regimen, including glycolic exfoliation. If you are concerned about lines, wrinkles and sagging, consult a dermatologist for more information on Botox, fillers and other treatments.

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