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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Is Makeup Covering or Clogging Your Pores?

Is Makeup Covering or Clogging Your Pores?

What Causes Clogged Pores

There is a concern that the waterproof makeup or silicone-based primer you apply to hide imperfections may actually just be clogging your pores even further. The first thing you should know is what causes clogged pores. There are three causes of clogged pores: excess oil, incomplete shedding of dead skin cells and products that add to clogging the skin.

Clog-Free Makeup

To ensure that your makeup is not adding to your clogged pores, be sure that your products are oil-free or labeled as non-comedongenic. Then you can be sure that your makeup can help hide your imperfections rather than exacerbating them.

And if you do have clogged pores, be sure to take precautions against all three causes. To combat oily skin, use a balancing cleanser twice a day. And for the incomplete shedding of dead skin cells, invest in a glycolic exfoliant to reveal radiant, clog-free skin.

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