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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

AHA: Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Let's start with AHA: AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Sound familiar? That's because glycolic acid, Dr. Schultz's star ingredient and the gold standard of exfoliation, is an AHA. AHAs help to exfoliate the skin, removing the dead top layer of skin cells. It's important to incorporate an exfoliant into your regimen for all of the amazing results it gives.

HA: Hylauronic Acid

HA stands for hylauronic acid, but it's not actually an acid at all. (See Dr. Schultz's explanation here." Hylauronic Acid is an excellent moisturizing ingredient because it can bind 1,000 times it weight in moisture to your skin. Additionally, it is an ingredient in filler that can be injected into fine lines and wrinkles to restore lost volume.

While the abbreviations may cause confusion, these are two ingredients that you should want to see on the back of your products.

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