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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | What's Your Winter Skin Care Routine?

What's Your Winter Skin Care Routine?

It's no secret that during the winter season our skin tends to get drier faster. Thankfully for us, there are ways to protect our skin and keep it healthy and glowing! Follow these simple steps for winter dry skin care this year.

Winter Dry Skin Care 101

Clear Away Your Dead, Dry Winter Skin

These dead skins cells are blocking moisture from entering your skin. For removing those cells you'll want a good exfoliant. BeautyRx's Daily Exfoliating Therapy Cream gently removes that top layer of dead cells that are clogging your pores. Comfort your dry skin before moisturizer with this product to keep your winter dry skin looking healthy and bright.

Moisturize Your Winter Dry Skin

Now that those dead skin cells aren't blocking your skin from getting the moisture it needs, you can add a good moisturizer to your winter dry skin care routine.

Important Side Tips for Winter Dry Skin Care Before Moisturizing:

  • Always put your moisturizer on damp skin. If you wait to moisturize when your skin is too dry, then the moisture you're trying to lock into your winter dry skin has already disappeared.
  • Try moisturizing with the bathroom door closed. This will keep the air in the room humid, perfect for maximizing the moisture on your skin while you hydrate it with moisturizer.

Beauty Rx's Nourishing Moisture Cream protects your winter dry skin while moisturizing it with natural emollients and antioxidants. This product really locks in your body's natural moisture and maintains the smooth and softness of your skin.

Keep Your Winter Dry Skin Hydrated

You've exfoliated and moisturized, now be sure to hydrate! BeautyRx's Hydrating Body Lotion is the perfect complement to your other winter dry skin care products. This hydrating body lotion is non-greasy, fragrance-free and creates that final barrier to help seal in your body's natural moisture it needs to stay healthy.

Remember Your Lips

Don't spend so much time protecting your skin that you forget about keeping your lips moisturized as well! It's easy to forget that our lips are skin that needs protection from the elements as well. During the winter months your dry skin tends to get cracked, this includes your lips! Make sure to find a great ointment for your lips to keep them soft and healthy.

Be sure to stock up on all these great products to add to your winter dry skin care routine. It's essential to keep your skin not only looking gorgeous and glowing, but healthy and hydrated as well. Your body will thank this dry winter season!

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