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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Facial Moisturizers for Men: Is There a Difference?

Facial Moisturizers for Men: Is There a Difference?

If you're in the market for a facial moisturizer for men, you're probably wondering if there is any real difference between those made for men and those designed for women. Before purchasing a moisturizer specifically designed for men, let's check out some of the ways a man's skin might differ from a woman's.

Skin is Skin, Right? How Different Could Men's Skin Be?

The answer is Very!

The difference between a male and a female's skin has a lot to do with hormones, namely, testosterone. This hormone contributes to:

  • A greater production of oil, which frequently contributes to longer lasting acne in men.
  • Facial hair growth.
  • A thickening of the skin, making a man's skin about 25% thicker than a woman's.
  • Lastly, a higher collagen density.

It's easy to see how a man's skin regimen might be different from a woman's. For one thing, men must shave frequently to control facial hair, which means the skin is exfoliated regularly-something Dr. Schultz recommends to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

As important as it is to bear these facts in mind when buying a facial moisturizer for men, it is equally important to know your personal skin type. Take a look at your face in the mirror, and an-swer these questions:

  • Do your cheeks feel tight? Is your t-zone free of oil and breakouts? If your answer is yes to both of these questions, then you have dry skin.
  • Do your forehead and nose appear especially shiny, or have an excessive amount of oil? Are you cheeks healthy and not regularly flaking? If this sounds like you, then you have oily skin.
  • Does your skin sound like a mix of both dry and oily skin, with dry cheeks and an oily t-zone? If this is the case, then you have combination skin.

Should You Buy a Facial Moisturizer for Men?

Aside from the packaging and marketing, and maybe the smell of the product, there really is no difference between a facial moisturizer for men and one for women. It's much more important for both men and women to keep skin type at the front of their mind when purchasing a moisturizer.

For dry skin, you need deep hydration to keep your skin supple. Try the BeautyRx Ultimate Moisture Night Cream. Japanese Green Tea Leaf, Lavender, and Soybean Extracts work in conjunction to soothe your skin from environmental irritants and protect against oxidants. And oil seals it all in.

The right facial moisturizer for men with oily skin must be oil-free, so it won't cause breakouts. Trust your oily skin to the BeautyRx Light Rehydrating Lotion, which is lightweight, packed with natural humectants and antioxidants, and perfect for breakout-prone skin.

To hydrate combination skin, you need the best of both worlds. The oil-free BeautyRx Nourishing Moisture Cream is rich enough to revitalize the driest areas of your skin, yet lightweight enough to moisturize oily skin without causing irritation, and is a great facial moisturizer for men.


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