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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | The 5 Best Winter Skin Care Tips

The 5 Best Winter Skin Care Tips

If your skin is anything like mine then it probably tends to get a tad bit dry during the winter season. Here in New York, we're use to a long winter. And if it's anything like last year's winter, we're all in big trouble. So keeping our skin gorgeous and glowing is a must!

Don't fret. I've got the cure.

Here are my go-to top five winter skin care tips.

Winter Skin Care Tip #1: Lose the hot showers during the winter
I'm guilty of this quite often-but the truth is that hot showers dry out your skin. That hot water that feels so nice and refreshing also opens up your pores, which allows important moisture to escape. It also causes your body to release histamine, which makes you itch. This doesn't mean your showers have to be cold. Stick with a nice luck-warm shower. It'll save your winter skin and save money on your heating bills! (This applies to baths as well.)

Winter Skin Care Tip #2: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize in the winter
Oh and did I mention to moisturize? This is a great way to replace the natural moisture your skin loses-like from those pesky hot showers! When choosing a moisturizer, ensure that you select one that's appropriate for your skin type (eg. for dry skin). Here's another winter skin care tip. Anything that lists mud as a key ingredient is also something to avoid.

Winter Skin Care Tip #3: Choose the right make-up remover this winter
While an abundance of oil doesn't mean your skin is hydrated (it's the water content of your skin that matters, not oil), oil does form a protective barrier on your skin that helps to keep moisture in. Many make-up removes strip your skin of oil, and as a result, make your skin more susceptible to drying. Instead of make-up remover this winter, your best bet is to stick with a cream-based cleanser.

BeautyRx has some great cleansers to apply to your skin before bed, removing your makeup and keeping your skin hydrated. These cleansers don't over-dry or disturb the outer layer of your skin, and are enhanced with chamomile to sooth the skin while it's being cleaned.

Winter Skin Care Tip #4: Humidifiers are your friends
They come in all shapes and sizes. I have one for each room-honestly I do. Humidifiers are a great source for keeping the moisture in the air during the cold weather. This is a great winter skin care tip to help your skin stay nice and moisturized without even having to get up! Just remember to regularly clean out their water reservoir.

Winter Skin Care Tip #5: Don't soap your entire body
Sounds smelly, but it's good for you, really! Have you ever had a soap-free bathing experience? You don't have to go to that extreme, but soaping only your private areas can be the key to an itch-free winter. Smearing soap all over your body daily can disturb its protective oils and just like make-up remover, cause you to try out prematurely. Unless you've been rolling in dirt all day, you're most likely only covered in sweat (whether you notice it or not), and water without soap is enough to clean you off. Your private areas are the usually the only places that benefit from soap, so just stick to using soap there and maintaining your oils elsewhere. I promise, and your skin will feel better.

There are many winter skin care tips to keep your skin looking healthy and great this winter. These are just a few of my favorites. Remember, avoid super-hot baths and showers, always have a skin type appropriate moisturizer on hand, avoid oil-stripping products, invest in a good humidifier and avoid washing your entire body daily! Your skin will thank you next season.

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Capes by Sheena:

Thanks for sharing some great tips. I use a moisturizer several times during the day and at bedtime.

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