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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Beat Dry Skin This Winter with These Products

Beat Dry Skin This Winter with These Products

The winter season can be extremely harsh to our delicate skin, making it dry and itchy. Although your skin may be balanced during other months, the dry, winter air may require switching up some products. For example, if you have normal skin during the summer and use a cleanser for normal skin during summer months, if your skin becomes dry during the winter, it's time to switch to a body or face cleanser for dry skin. In addition to some simple changes, fight the harmful effects of winter this year with these winter dry skin care products!


As counter intuitive as this may sound, the first thing you want to do is invest in a good exfoliant. These are key winter dry skin care products as they remove the dead, dry, flaking skin cells that the winter season leaves behind. By removing these skin cells from your skin's surface, you reveal the younger, healthier skin cells that were hidden underneath.

While we often think of exfoliants for the face, especially in wintertime BeautyRx's Daily Exfoliating Body Therapy Lotion is a great exfoliating product to add to your winter dry skin care routine. The glycolic body lotion also contains green tea to help sooth your dry skin while protecting it.


Moisturizers are one of the most important products our skin needs to survive the harsh winter months. These products help to maintain our body's natural moisture while providing the extra hydration our skin needs to fight the dry weather.

BeautyRx's Nourishing Moisture Cream is packed with antioxidants that protect our winter dry skin while maximizing hydration. This product also restores our skin's optimal water balance, without leaving it feeling overly greasy-a must for any winter dry skin care product.

Moisturizers with SPF

Imagine all the benefits of a moisturizer along with the added benefit of protection from the sun's harmful rays. Your skin needs protection from UVA and UVB rays even during the winter months. It's great to find a winter skin care product that also includes the added benefit of SPF protection.

BeautyRx's Replenishing Moisture Cream SPF 15 is great for such added winter protection. Hydrate your skin with the shea butter found in this SPF 15 sunscreen, along with Vitamins C and E to assist with protection from free radicals.


A good serum can help protect against damage from any free radicals your skin might come up against during the winter months. BeautyRx's Protective Vitamin C Rescue Serum is an essential addition to any routine to treat dry winter skin. The elegant serum's texture leaves your skin soft, supple, and hydrated while protecting it from the harsh effects of the season.

A Good Winter Dry Skin Care Product Routine

All of these products are great for fighting the dry skin we all experience come winter. You should follow the same order of application of products as other months, however, in terms of moisturizers, it's best to apply them immediately after exiting the shower as that will help retain extra moisture. In addition, exfoliated skin can better absorb other skincare treatment products, so it's necessary to exfoliate anywhere that you plan to moisturize. So for smooth, dewy, winter skin, be sure to have a great line of winter dry skin care products as a defense against the dry, itchiness of winter to keep your skin healthy and hydrated all season long!

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