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Vitamin C Serum Facial Skin Care
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Vitamin C Serum Facial Skin Care
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For CombinationDryNormalOily skin.
1 FL. OZ. / 30 mL
Beauty Rx

How does Vitamin C help skin? Especially on the face, Vitamin C brightens skin and creates a smoother complexion. 100% of the users in a consumer perception study felt their skin appeared brighter, softer, smoother, and overall more youthful. Vitamin C Serum applied to the face has also been known to improve acne and create a unique shine.

What is Vitamin C Serum? Topical Vitamin C Serum by BeautyRX contains 10% Antioxidant Serum with 3 potent forms of Vitamin C. This is the optimal formula to fight against dull skin and nourish skin cells.

Vitamin C Serum has also been proven to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and helps protect against the signs of premature skin aging and free radical damage of skin.

Vitamin C Serum Facial Skin Care has a rating of 5 stars based on 1 reviews.
$ 95.00

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