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Patient Trials

One essential element was missing for Dr. Neal Schultz when he began practicing medicine as a dermatologist: skincare products. Not just any, but ones he could anchor his reputation to. Ones that produce indisputable results. Ones he could modify to meet his discerning patients' evolving and specific needs. That was 25 years ago.

So began the longest and most unique patient trial performed on a skincare line, culminating today in BeautyRx Skincare by Dr. Schultz.

From the outset and still today, Dr. Schultz both examines and engages his patients in conversations about each product they use to ensure they meet rigorous standards both he and they have for creating results. If a product falls short, it's re-engineered with different ingredients, vehicle and delivery systems. This "front line feedback" has not only resulted in Dr. Schultz being asked to help with the development processes of major skincare brands, but has also enabled him to refine his line throughout his career.

Glycolic Trials

The cornerstone of BeautyRx is the line's focus on exfoliation, specifically glycolic exfoliation, for both beauty and the prevention of skin cancer. To that end, through over 50,000 in-office glycolic peels, Dr. Schultz has observed – which even surprised him – the remarkable skin color and texture improvement, facial rejuvenation, treatment of acne and help with the prevention of precancerous sun damage. The result of continual tweaking of pH-levels, buffering systems, strength, vehicles and delivery systems, based on the innumerable in-office peels coupled with his patients at home use, has shown BeautyRx glycolic exfoliants to improve the brightness and luster of skin, reduce pore size, fade brown spots and make skin look younger. Unanticipated results of the ongoing patient trial have included the significant reduction of new acne breakouts, improvement in old acne lesions and reduction in fine lines. Since its inception, over 90,000 units of BeautyRx in-office incarnation have been sold to his patients across many years and 100,000+ patient visits - an almost one- product-per-patient visit ratio.

Other Changes

Most recently, amongst other changes, this feedback led Dr. Schultz to:

  • Develop and demonstrate a new "gold standard" for handling brown pigmentation with new peptide technology instead of hydroquinone.
  • Develop sequential and reciprocal ingredient synergy technology.
  • Add chemical-free sunscreens.
  • Incorporate nanotechnology to improve efficacy and cosmetic acceptability of skincare products.
  • Add delivery systems that meshed with the on-the-go lifestyle of his patients.
  • Modify essential exfoliation with 10% glycolic pads to be both more effective and gentler.

Of course not everything works, and those products and offerings that provided less than superb feedback were culled from BeautyRx. This included neck firming creams, hydroquinone-based skin brighteners, and even retinoids (replaced by superior glycolic.)

Continuing to Evolve

BeautyRx Skincare by Dr. Schultz will continue to be a line that evolves, responds and adjusts to what real consumers experience and need through these ongoing patient trials, but now consumers across the country can have access to the results that Dr. Schultz's patients have been seeing for the last decade. And they too will now be able to provide their own feedback to continue to improve the line as well as have their questions answered, via the weekly online streaming video session held at

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