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Benefits of the Progressive Peel

The Progressive Peel is a six-week system developed from Dr. Schultz's 30+ years of in-office experience with glycolic exfoliation. By gradually increasing the strength of your glycolic products, you can achieve maximum results with no down-time or irritation.


92%felt that their skin appeared brighter


97%had an improvement in the firmness of their skin


94%had a reduction in the appearance of fine lines

Use of this product regimen revealed dramatic results for many of the participants in our clinical and perception trials:

The Progressive Peel 2-Step

"Stop focusing on the 5%. Start treating the 95%. Did you know that wrinkles account for only 5% of what you see on your face? It's the other 95% that actually makes you look older: tone and texture issues, such as rough, dull skin, sunspots, and large pores. BeautyRx glycolic exfoliation is the key to treating the 95%!"

- Neal Schultz, MD


The BeautyRx glycolic formulation of The Progressive Peel was developed over 12 years by Dr. Schultz in his dermatology clinic, encompassing feedback from 50,000+ in-office glycolic peels and 120,000+ patient visits. This unique pH-adjusted and buffered formulation enables amazingly effective daily exfoliation, without any redness, irritation or downtime. Coupled with Dr. Schultz's Progressive Technique, the Progressive Peel delivers professional results at home.

The Progressive Peel 2-Step


  • What happens after I finish the full six weeks of The Progressive Peel?

    We like to think of daily BeautyRx glycolic exfoliation as regular maintenance, just like brushing your teeth. The Progressive Peel is your starter kit for gentle yet effective glycolic exfoliation at home. After completing The Progressive Peel, you should use The Progressive Peel Replenishment Kit as an ongoing part of your evening skincare routine to continue to achieve radiant, more even-toned skin. The Replenishment Kit contains the Advanced Exfoliating Pads and Maximum Exfoliating Cream, and you should continue to use them as you do in the final two weeks of The Progressive Peel.

  • Is it normal for The Progressive Peel to cause a slight tingling sensation?

    Yes, a slight tingling sensation that quickly subsides is normal. However, if you do not feel any tingling, your product is still working.

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