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Peel & Glow Kit
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“I love the Peel & Glow kit so much, I can tell a big difference!"

Chelsea G.

Peel & Glow Kit
Free Gift

Beauty Rx
Peel & Glow **First Order** has a rating of 4.96969696969697 stars based on 33 reviews.
A powerhouse dream team that evens your skin tone and texture, reveals your glow, and delivers immediate, visible results.


Get Peel & Glow 1-Month Risk Free Trial now and get
the full size kit after 30 days
*HOW IT WORKS: Peel & Glow is available by subscription only. You pay monthly (your first $38 installment is today and your next $38 installment is 30 days from now) and receive a two-month supply every 60 days. You can contact us to cancel at any time. Every purchase is backed by our 30-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee. Why subscription only?
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The Peel & Glow Kit decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps to firm skin, and restore brightness and radiance
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Customer Testimonials

Real Results

"The ultimate skin brightening cocktail" - Allure

In The Press

Award winning dermatologist dr. neal schultz says:

Award winning dermatologist dr. neal schultz says:

"If you're going to do just one thing every day to reverse the signs of aging and prevent them from occurring in the future, Peel & Glow."

Dr. Schultz’s Peel & Glow Delivers Immediate, Visible Results

Evens your skin tone

Protects from free radicals

Resurfaces your skin so it’s smooth and
soft again

Decreases the appearance of pore size

Decreases the appearance of fine lines
and wrinkles

Your skin looks firmer

Restores brightness and radiance

    • Decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Your skin looks firmer
    • Restores brightness and radiance

Improvement in the appearance of firmness in just 2 weeks

97% of participants in a clinical study had an improvement in their skin

Brighter, younger looking skin in just 4 weeks

100% of participants in a consumer study agree

“I've loved what this kit has done for my skin! I can definitely tell a difference in the last few weeks. My skin looks more clear, bright and just more evenly toned overall.”

Kathryn S, Minnetonka, MN


An Important Message from Dr. Schultz

“I tell my patients: If you do just one thing for yourself to look younger and feel more confident, use the Peel & Glow kit every day.”

Over the 37 years I’ve practiced dermatology, patients came to my office for better, younger looking skin. They all complained about their worst enemy: wrinkles. Patients were shocked to discover wrinkles weren’t their problem. It’s uneven texture that makes your skin look dull and tired—so you look older than you feel. I treated patients with gentle exfoliation—their skin’s tone and texture immediately improved—and they loved the results. But. I wasn’t happy with the available formulas—they irritated most women’s skin when used regularly. Because daily exfoliation is the key to revealing your best skin, I needed a better solution. I wanted to achieve bright, glowing skin with even tone and texture—without the burning, pain, stinging, and redness that take time to heal. After years of searching for (and never finding) a better solution, I decided to create one myself—based on science, not gimmicks. It literally took me 21 years of research, testing and refinement to create Tetrafoliant®—the gold standard in exfoliation.

Tetrafoliant® 8% Peel Solution is the critical first step to glowing skin.

Tetrafoliant® is a unique, next-generation exfoliating compound that improves your skin tone and texture. It works on all skin types, and it’s as effective as it is gentle. You’ll see your tone and texture issues improve significantly in as little as two weeks. In fact, daily use builds collagen -- the element that makes baby skin so incredibly soft. Exfoliation creates a ‘clean canvas’ for and supercharges Topical Vitamin C — THE anti-aging powerhouse you’ll use every day to firm, brighten and even the appearance of your skin — and, to fight free radicals. This powerhouse combination is what gives my patients “the glow.” Before perfecting the kit, I hit another challenge. Most topical vitamin C isn’t stable, so it goes bad, smells “off” and worst of all, becomes ineffective. I decided that once I perfected Tetrafoliant® I’d create a stable, premium Vitamin C serum.

Luxurious and Effective Triple Vitamin C Serum

By manipulating the Vitamin C molecule -- I found a way to make it stable and luxurious, from the first drop to the last. Triple Vitamin C Serum absorbs 3x better than any other form of Vitamin C, never stings or gets sticky. It restores the most even tone and the brilliant luster that makes your skin look as young as you feel. Truly, you want to experience this for yourself.

Triple VItamin C serum delivers:
• Softer Skin
• Brighter Skin
• Smoother Skin
• Youthful glow
• Quick, Visible results

The Peel & Glow kit combines Tetrafoliant® and Triple Vitamin C Serum, giving you a powerhouse “dream team” that evens your skin tone and texture, reveals your glow, and delivers immediate, visible results.

Like I tell all my patients—if you’re going to do one thing every day, make it Peel & Glow. Every single woman who uses it, benefits.

Honestly, my mission is for you to try Peel & Glow. I know you’re confronted with a lot of choices—and I want to promise you—this one is worth your time and attention. It’s the absolute real deal—I staked my entire career on it—it delivers the results you want to see in the mirror each morning. Peel & Glow is the essence of my life’s work. Around the office, we call it the miracle kit - because of the rave reviews we get from customers—and from the results we see. My patients love the results (and the compliments they get), and I know you will, too. Here’s to getting the glow.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Neal Schultz

Product Information

Zero Gimmicks. Just Clean Science.

  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Cruelty Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Gimmick Free

Through exfoliation and the use of an antioxidant, this powerful duo, The Peel & Glow Kit, is Dr. Schultz’s recipe for younger looking, glowing skin. 

We believe once you try the Peel & Glow kit, you’ll have found your daily go-to. You can finally treat your skin care issues by focusing on tone and texture, revealing skin that looks as you feel.

Because treating tone and texture is how you achieve the best skin of your life - we can confidently assure you the Peel & Glow Kit ill deliver the results you're after. The kit works with every skin type.

If you do just one thing
for your skin?

Peel & Glow Kit

Put our Park Avenue skin secret to work for you.
Customer Reviews
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Eileen H.
United States United States
  • What is your age range? 55 - 64
  • What are your skin concerns? DullnessLarge PoresUneven Skin-tone & TextureFine Lines & WrinklesBrown SpotsAge PreventionFirmness
  • Which option best describes your skin type? Combination

Peel & Glow

I have definitely seen improvement in the tone and texture of my skin since starting the peel & glow regime. After trying many other skin care products and never seeing improvement, it is a pleasure to see real results! I have had no irritation from the peels only better texture and tone. The peel removes dullness and leaves my skin looking dewy.The triple vitamin c leaves my skin soft and glowing. I would like to try the 15% peel as well. I think the 15% peel and the triple vitamin c should be offered as package for experienced peel users like the 8% peel and vitamin c is packaged for beginners.

Kimberly C.
United States United States
  • What is your age range? 55 - 64
  • What are your skin concerns? DullnessLarge PoresFine Lines & WrinklesAge PreventionFirmness
  • Which option best describes your skin type? Normal

Peel & Glow Kit - Awesome!

Looking to re-order the Triple Vitamin C Serum, I came across the Peel & Glow kit and decided to give it a try. It has been about 3 weeks and I already see a difference in my skin. Pores look smaller, texture is smoother and bright. My skin is very sensitive and I have not had any issues with BeautyRx products. Skin looks great and no irritation.

Chelsea B.
United States United States
  • What is your age range? 25 - 34
  • What are your skin concerns? AcneDullnessLarge PoresUneven Skin-tone & TextureBrown Spots
  • Which option best describes your skin type? Combination

Great so far!

I've been using the peel & glow kit for about a week now - great so far. The products don't feel heavy or oily. I've been using the vit c in the morning as well and it's not oily like other vit c i've used.

Raviá G.
United States United States

Love it!

Give your skin a healthy glow!

United States United States

Love this stuff!

I have been using this for probably 6 months now. I will go through spurts of being lazy and not doing skin care and then being really good with it. Even after one day of using the peel and glow kit after a week off, my skin glows and I remember why I love this stuff so much. You will see a difference and heading into a long winter here in Wisconsin, this is the glow that I need!

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