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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

Vitamin C is one of Dr. Schultz's most preferred, if not favorite, antioxidant. We’re not talking about the vitamin c you might find in a grapefruit or a glass of orange juice. In this episode of DermTV, Dr. Schultz discusses what vitamin c is, vitamin c benefits, why vitamin c is a powerful antioxidant, as well as the types of vitamin c you should use on a daily basis. Dr. Schultz believes vitamin C should be used daily because it's very potent, creating a brighter, more even skin tone, while fighting free radicals. It also builds collagen, reduces hyperpigmentation, and can even help strengthen your sunscreen. In fact, not all forms of vitamin c are created equal. Dr. Schultz shares why it's important to use a stable source of vitamin c on your skin, and why you should avoid some vitamin c skincare products. Watch and learn how vitamin c can improve your skin's texture and color and how you can get glowing, more radiant skin. Vitamin C only works if it can absorb into your skin cells, and most forms of Vitamin C aren’t formulated to effectively do so, because like the most common form, ascorbic acid, they’re water-soluble. Our skin cells are protected by a barrier of fat, and you know that water and oil don’t mix. Neither does traditional Vitamin C and your skin. Worst of all, traditional Vitamin C isn’t stable, so it turns brown, sticky, and stops working. Dr. Schultz spent 15 years creating his own vitamin C serum. Unlike other Vitamin C serums, the Triple Vitamin C Serum from BeautyRx isn't orange, doesn't smell, isn't sticky, and won't sting. Instead, it's luxurious to use and actually delivers results.




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