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Ask Dr. Schultz | Derm TV | Effectiveness of Home LED Light Therapy For Skin

Effectiveness of Home LED Light Therapy For Skin

LED skin care devices are a new and exciting development in skincare treatment technology. While in-office devices have demonstrated to be effective, there are new at-home LED devices popping up frequently, ranging from stand-alone devices to smart-phone applications.

If you are thinking about investing in personal at-home LED devices to treat medical conditions like acne and facial rejuvenation, take a look at Dr. Schultz's demonstration of a professional LED light therapy device and a smartphone application. You will see the difference in power, energy, and the actual quality of the lights between the two devices. The professional LED light therapy machine is clearly the dominant machine when it comes to light therapy for skin. In this video, Dr. Schultz will explain whether or not the at-home LED devices are effective and why.



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