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Ask Dr. Schultz | Derm TV | Combination Skin & Combination Skin Care Advice

Combination Skin & Combination Skin Care Advice

There's one skin type that has a lot of people stumped. It's when their skin is both dry and oily. So is their skin dry or is it oily? It's actually both, a combination, and Dr. Schultz will explain what combination skin is and how to treat it. Generally, people believe that they have either oily or dry skin, but to understand what combination skin is you have to learn about the T-zone on your face. The T-zone is the greater concentration of your oil glands in your forehead, nose and chin, which looks like the letter "T." When you make water or sweat in the T-zone, the oil holds in and keeps the moisture there, which is why it tends to stay more hydrated and "oily." Your cheeks, however, contain fewer oil glands and produce less oil. This means the moisture isn't held in and can evaporate easier, making your cheek area drier than usual in dry, cold weather.



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