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Ask Dr. Schultz | Derm TV | Benefits of Moisturizing For Older Skin

Benefits of Moisturizing For Older Skin

We all know that moisturizers are used to repair dry skin. Nothing complicated there. But did you also know that moisturizers can be used to provide temporary relief from fine lines and wrinkles as well?

One of the benefits of moisturizing is to increase the water content of your skin. This extra moisture will slightly swell your skin, filling in the lost volume. To take it a step further, after doing this, the right moisturizer for older skin will also decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

One of the other benefits of moisturizing is to treat dry, tight skin. When you moisturize and increase the volume of your skin, it becomes smoother and also no longer tight.

Using the right moisturizer for older skin will hydrate your skin and help you retain a healthy, radiant look.




Video Transcription

Moisturizers were originally created to treat and relieve dry skin. But for many people, their ability to help fine facial lines and wrinkles is much more important. How do they work this magic? Stay tuned! In a previous episode, I discussed the obvious and original reason to use a moisturizer: To combat the signs and symptoms of dry skin. These signs and symptoms include a feeling of mild tightness and the appearance of fine flaking, both of which are much more common on the cheeks, but can occur in other places. Since dry skin is caused by insufficient water in your skin, the reason moisturizers work is because they effectively increase the moisture content of your skin. Simple enough. Right? To go deeper, if the moisturizer increases the moisture content of your skin, it thereby also slightly increases the volume of your skin, which makes it more supple and less taut... and voila! Feelings of tightness are relieved. Adding moisture also hydrates over dried, dead, and flaky surface cells. This changes their shape and optical properties, and therefore literally hides them from sight. Cool right? Now here's the even cooler part. If increasing the moisture content of your skin can slightly increase its volume... Well... What a perfect way to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even if only temporarily.

How moisturizers help fine lines and wrinkles

For those of you who receive the weekly DermTV newsletter, do you remember the tip on how to temporarily help crows feet? The answer is by rubbing the area firmly for a few minutes with a cream or ointment. The pressure from repeated rubbing causes a little inflammation which causes a tiny bit of fluid to leak into the skin that literally pushes out... or really fills in... the lost volume that caused the lines. Moisturizers work similarly in helping fine lines and wrinkles. Although instead of from the inside out, moisturizers work by infusing water from the outside in. They do it with humectant ingredients that literally grab, bind and then cause water to absorb into and slightly swell your skin. And as you now know, that safe swelling will temporarily diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Goodbye lines and wrinkles... Not for long, but at least for now.

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