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Ask Dr. Schultz | Derm TV | BeautyRx LIVE Recap: October

BeautyRx LIVE Recap: October

Did you miss BeautyRx Live last week? If you did, you can watch the video below. Yet while it's worth watching the full video, here is a quick recap of the highlights.

Physical Exfoliation

Cynthia asks "How many times a week should I use a physical exfoliant?"

The number of times you use an exfoliant depends on what you are trying to achieve with the exfoliation. Of course, Dr. Schultz prefers chemical exfoliants to physical ones, but he also believes you should use what works for you.

With physical exfoliants, there are many variables to control for, such as how hard you press and what type of physical exfoliant you are using. However, provided that you are gently exfoliating and that you don't have sensitive skin, you can exfoliate daily for facial rejuvenation or even to reduce enlarged pores.

More Moisture

Another question was from Ellen who explained, "I put moisturizer on and my skin feels dry again ten minutes later. Do I need a different product?"

While it sounds like Ellen could use a heavier product, there are some other factors to eliminate before ordering a different product. Are other things contributing to your dry skin? Using a cleanser that is too strong and which strips the oil and water from your skin can cause your skin to get dry. A exfoliant which is too strong for your skin can also cause dryness. And this question comes at a time of year that many people hit a wall with their exfoliation and their skin gets temporarily dry from the change in temperature and humidity. However, if you have eliminated all these causes for dry skin, then you should try using a heavier moisturizer.

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