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Ask Dr. Schultz | Derm TV | BeautyRx Live Recap: August 2012

BeautyRx Live Recap: August 2012

Did you miss BeautyRx Live last week? If you did, you can watch the video below. Yet while it's worth watching the full video, here is a quick recap of the highlights.

Stressed Out

Sophia asked "What effects does stress have on skin and hair?"

The effects of stress on skin is much more immediate than the effects on hair. The body's hormonal reaction to stress is to release cortisol, which helps fight stress and boost immunity. However, when the body releases cortisol, some testosterone, the male hormone, is leaked with it. While this has little effect on men, it causes an imbalance in the hormone ration in women. A derivative of the testosterone is what causes acne, which is why you often breakout when you are stressed. The effects of the stress can be seen in just a few days. This same hormone also causes hair loss, but luckily it takes many months of stressfor hair loss to occur.

Green Tea

Josh asked "What is the right antioxidant for me if I have acne-prone skin? Can I use Green Tea every night?"

Good news and bad news. Green tea taken orally will not deliver enough antioxidants to fight the oxidative stress of free radical energy. You would have to drink barrels of it to get close to the amount you would need...and just think how many trips to the bathroom that would mean! However, there are topical forms of green tea that give sufficient antioxidants through the skin, which will help protect from free radicals.

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