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Ask Dr. Schultz | Derm TV | BeautyRx Live Recap

BeautyRx Live Recap

BeautyRx Live is a monthly event where viewers can ask their skincare questions to Dr. Schultz and he answers them live on-camera. You may not be able to make it to Manhattan to meet with Dr. Schultz personally, but BeautyRx Live is one appointment you won't want to miss.


Shirley asked about the best ways to reduce or eliminate cellulite at home. Unfortunately, Dr. Schultz informs his viewers that no such product exists (and actually works!). There are a few medical procedures that can help, but sadly there is no easy fix to this annoying problem. For more information, see the DermTV episodes on What is Cellulite and How to Treat Cellulite.

Sunscreen On The Run

John asked if he should be wearing sunscreen during his gym workout to protect his oily, acne-prone skin. Dr. Schultz answers no (have you ever heard Dr. Schultz say no to sunscreen?) He clarifies that it is imperative to wash your face before your workout if you are working out indoors, even more important than washing your face post workout. This is because if you wipe your skin at the gym and you haven't washed your face, you will be essentially grinding debris and oil into your skin. So if you can only wash your face once per workout, make sure it's before you start!

Lotion in Motion

Mary asked about applying moisturizer and sunscreen. She wanted to know if you should pat or rub the lotion into your skin. Dr. Schultz says it is better to gently rub your sunscreen and moisturizers into your skin than pat. Rubbing it in ensures that your product goes on evenly and doesn't become patchy later on.

These are only a few of the questions that Dr. Schultz answered in this month's BeautyRx Live. To hear more, watch the video here. And remember to tune in July 18, 2 PM EST to have Dr. Schultz answer your question live!

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