Proprietary Ingredients

BeautyRx Skincare products are enhanced with clinicaly-superior, innovative and highly potent proprietary compounds rich with synergetic actives. By integrating cosmeceutal science and patient feedback into each compound, Dr. Schultz takes BeautyRx Skincare past the limitations of “one hero ingredient” and into the realm of ingredient synergy, positioning them to effectively treat all three major skin issues (color, texture and lines/wrinkles).


Our proprietary compound of six synergistic "tensing" peptides that firm, tighten and smooth skin. The tensors are made up of proteins and sugars (polysaccharides) in a water-based vehicle and are fat free. They work by forming a very thin invisible layer on your skin. As the water in the thin tensor layer evaporates, it causes the layer to shrink and contract. This causes safe and cosmetically appealing firming and tightening of your skin which helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Our proprietary compound that enables BeautyRx exfoliants to perform the most precise, accurate and effective gentle chemical exfoliation possible. Tetrafoliant's four reciprocally enabling exfoliating ingredients are pH-adjusted and buffered for optimal effectiveness which is necessary for maximum skin brightening, smoothing and luster. Tetrafoliant works by removing the excess dead cells which build up on the surface of your skin, to reveal the radiant and healthy looking skin you've always wanted.


Our proprietary compound of three bio-complementary antioxidants proven to offer clinically superior protection against UV and free radical premature skin aging and damage. We have combined the most potent, botanical anti-oxidants with the most effective derivatives of Vitamins C & E.