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Ingrown Hair Treatment
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Ingrown Hair Treatment
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For CombinationDryNormalOily skin.
50 count
Beauty Rx

Ingrown hairs are a shaved or pulled hair that have grown back into the skin, causing irritation and discomfort.

How do you treat ingrown hairs? Treating ingrown hairs at home can be simple. Applying a warm compress for a few minutes will help prep your skin for the ingrown hair treatment. Each treatment pad contains buffered and pH-adjusted glycolic acid, enhanced with Tetrafoliant. The gentle exfoliating effect quickly helps remove ingrown hairs that can be painful and unsightly.

In order to avoid further discomfort, the ingrown hair pads by BeautyRX contains green tea to soothe your skin while it treats, making it gentle enough to be used on sensitive areas. This includes treating ingrown hairs on your neck, chin and bikini area.

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