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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

Skincare for the (long) weekend

Most of us are eagerly looking forward to the Labor Day weekend. We will head to the beach, or to the countryside (in my case it's West Virginia), and sit back and relax as summer winds into fall. While we know what this extra time off will do for our stress levels, what exactly does it mean for skincare? How traveling affects your skin When you are away from home... Read more >

Choosing the Right Exfoliant

Cheyenne posed this very important question the other week, "I'm not sure what exfoliating products I should use based on my skin type. I'm under the age of 18, and consistently deal with acne breakouts. However, my skin is not very oily, but more on combination/normal/dry side. I'm just curious about what exfoliant I should start with from the BeautyRx line. Thanks so much." Thanks to Cheyenne for a great... Read more >

To Moisturize? or Not to Moisturize?

The purpose of facial moisturizers isn't a secret; it corrects, treats, and prevents dry skin. Skin that doesn't have enough water looks flaky and it can even feel a bit "tight" to the touch (cheeks are prime real estate). Moisturizers contain ingredients like aloe vera, ceramides, dimethicone, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, shea butter, and silicone, all of which help rehydrate your skin, improve your complexion, and even smooth out fine lines... Read more >

The Yin and Yang of Exfoliants

Let's get physical You might be most familiar with physical exfoliants, which gently smooth the surface of your skin the way sandpaper works on wood. Physical exfoliants mechanically remove dead cells from your skin. Shaving is a great example, as are granule cleansers and scrubs. Another form of physical exfoliation is microdermabrasion, which helps push off dead cells through a process that is much like sandblasting (obviously without the mess!).... Read more >

The Big C

Remember the three products that are essential to a solid skincare regimen? Exfoliants, Antioxidants, and Sunscreen. Well, make sure you find a gentle facial cleanser to back these up. In order for any other skincare product to work at its full potential, you first need to remove any residual build-up on your skin's surface, whether it be dirt, debris, excess oil, make-up, or dead cells, and that's exactly what a... Read more >

Sunscreen: It's an Everyday Kinda Thing

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday, and a stormy one here in New York. Taking full advantage of the conditions, I waited out the passing thunder and rain on my couch for the better part of the morning (and the afternoon...). When the sky seemed to clear, I snuck out on errands. What did I forget? My sunscreen. "But it was cloudy," some of you might say. Well, the sun is... Read more >

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