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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

Dry Skin = Moisturize. Right?

If you have dry, flaky skin then sure - give it a go - but most of us might not know that a moisturizer isn't a quick fix for every "dry" skin issue and, sometimes, these products can make things worse. Putting moisturizer on the soles of your feet is a prime example, as is adding a dab or two to your scalp, above or between your eyebrows and next... Read more >

Not So Sensitive Skin

Now, what I didn't know was that most people who think they have sensitive skin actually don't. Hmm. So, if you have sensitive skin, or think you might, let's discuss. Are You Unnecessarily Avoiding Products? Many people who think they have sensitive skin are actually avoiding many skincare products that could be useful because they are worried that those products might cause adverse reactions - like an irritation or a... Read more >

Workout Woes... the Skincare Kind.

I don't know about you, but running - and any sort of exercise for that matter - makes my face red. Sometimes the redness will last for a few minutes, sometimes for a few hours. Thankfully, this isn't something to be concerned about, but it's an interesting example of the many ways that your body and your skin work together. Redness In Your Face From Exercise As you exercise, you... Read more >

The Growing (Pains) of Pores

Anyone want to guess what the answer is? Chemical and physical exfoliation! Enlarged pores occur most frequently on our nose, or around it. They can appear as dark dots, light dots, but actually, these enlarged pores are little holes that cast shadows on your skin. Who knew? What Causes Enlarged Pores The root of the issue is excess oil which causes all sorts of problems, doesn't it? As the oil... Read more >

Who Knows Best?

There is so much information out there, whether it be on the world wide web, or in this blog. And while having immediate and unlimited access to information is good, and most of us can tell what's reliable and what isn't, it's even better (and smarter) if you know when to call on an expert. You Know Your Skin Best Dr. Schultz is the first one to say that no... Read more >

Skincare for Teens

These years are tough... and that goes for your skin as well. Without getting too technical, your hormones are changing, which means excess oil production for your skin. Not only does your skin look shiny, this oh-so-lovely over abundance of oil causes acne breakouts. So, if you're a teen looking to shape up your skincare regimen, give this routine a try: Morning Start the day with a cleanser and a... Read more >

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