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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

November Recap

We kicked things off with a note about "who knows best" when it comes to skincare. Turns out (and this is no surprise) that you know your skin best, but when it comes to diagnosing skincare issues, you may want to turn to an expert. Enlarged Pores, Dry and Sensitive Skin Enlarged pores got a moment in the limelight, and so did the remedy: chemical and physical exfoliation. We talked... Read more >

Hold the anchovies... and the acne?

So I decided to check out DermTV to see what Dr. Schultz had to say about acne breakouts and food. Here's the scoop: Foods Don't Usually Cause Breakouts First, let me list those forbidden foods that are commonly linked to acne breakouts: chocolate, fried foods, nuts, caffeine, sodas and, yes, pizza. Guess what? By and large, they don't cause breakouts. Dr. Schultz says that if you haven't seen a relationship... Read more >

A Skincare Mistake (or two)

I think I've mentioned my allergy to sunless tanners before - and I've made the same mistake several times over by trying different types of sunless tanners, thinking that my skin might accept one better than the other. I eventually figured out that I was allergic to the dye ingredient - dihydroxyacetone - and that was that. No more sunless tanners for me. The Biggest Skincare Mistake And as long... Read more >

Essential Skincare for your 30s

Regardless of your age, you should be using the skincare essentials: exfoliating products, antioxidants, and sunscreen. However, as we age our main skincare concerns change. The issue that was most important in your teens and twenties, the treatment and prevention of acne, has evolved into the ongoing prevention of premature photo-aging and treatment of emerging lines and wrinkles. Prevent Premature Skin-Aging Preventing photo-aging remains easy. Use sunscreen every day, in... Read more >

Be patient... for great skin

So, how long exactly do we have to wait? Bottom Line: Ask a Dermatologist and they'll say two to three weeks. I know, I know, two weeks seems like a lifetime in this day and age; but, if you think about it, having great skin for months and years to come is worth the effort. Take, for example, a gentle chemical exfoliant. Daily use of this product will help you... Read more >

Setting Your Skincare Type

So why set your skin type? Well, you may know what products are good for your skin (sunscreen, exfoliants, cleansers, etc.) but choosing the wrong sunscreen, exfoliant or cleanser could do more harm than good. There are a lot of choices out there in the marketplace, so knowing your skin type and the products that are right for you make the decision a little easier. Skin type is determined by... Read more >

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