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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

Who Knows Best?

There is so much information out there, whether it be on the world wide web, or in this blog. And while having immediate and unlimited access to information is good, and most of us can tell what's reliable and what isn't, it's even better (and smarter) if you know when to call on an expert. You Know Your Skin Best Dr. Schultz is the first one to say that no... Read more >

Skincare for Teens

These years are tough... and that goes for your skin as well. Without getting too technical, your hormones are changing, which means excess oil production for your skin. Not only does your skin look shiny, this oh-so-lovely over abundance of oil causes acne breakouts. So, if you're a teen looking to shape up your skincare regimen, give this routine a try: Morning Start the day with a cleanser and a... Read more >

Here's what you missed...

I thought that it might be worthwhile - especially for those of you who have recently tuned in - to recap some of the topics that have been covered since day one. August We started off with the ever important process of exfoliation. What exactly is it? What are the benefits? And how do we choose the right one? We explained that there are three essential skincare products that you... Read more >

Ingrown hairs getting under your skin?

So how do we treat, and better yet prevent, these "ingrowns" from taking root? Treatment Ingrowns can be random, occurring once a year or once in a lifetime (lucky you), but they are most often a result of some method of hair removal, such as shaving, plucking, threading or waxing. The fastest and most efficient way to treat these little buggers involves using a sterile needle to pop open the... Read more >

Vitamins for Better Skin?

Do these vitamins work? After reading the label, I thought that I might see what Dr. Schultz had to say on the subject before I spent the cash. The Truth About Vitamins The reality is, unless you are malnourished or have a vitamin deficiency, taking extra vitamins won't have any affect (positive or negative) on your nails or hair. No medical evidence suggests that these supplements will give you a... Read more >

Who Has Time for Skincare?

But say you have an upcoming event (I can name a few on my calendar) in a few weeks, and you want to make sure you're looking your best. Why not start with your skin? And start now? First, define. Define your skin - is it dry, oily, combination, or normal? Choosing products that are right for your skin type is the first step in creating a regimen that is... Read more >

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