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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

Facials at Home

Why not give the following steps a try next time you have 20 minutes to spare? Step 1: Cleanse Use a cleanser to set the foundation for your facial. One that's suited for your skin type (oily, combination or normal) will help wash away the debris and dead cells that've accumulated on the surface of your skin. Step 2: Skin Analysis Sure we're looking at our faces daily, but a... Read more >

Are Facials Really Worth It?

Aside from massage, facials are perhaps the second most popular spa treatment on the menu. There are standard facials, with or without extractions, those that use organic products or luxurious ingredients, like 24 carat gold and precious metals, and there are treatments that now involve the use chemical products and peels. So, the inevitable question is, do they work? And are they safe? Is Your Facial Working? It depends on... Read more >

Chapped Lips

The issue of chapped lips is, simply put, an over drying of the skin on your lip. Cold air, low humidity, sunlight and even strong winds can cause this excessive dryness. Why You're Getting Dry Lips The reason why your lips can dry out so quickly - faster than other areas of your skin - is due to the fact that the skin on your lips is actually a mucus... Read more >

The Cleanser and Exfoliant Combo

Who wouldn't want to save time these days? So, would a cleanser with an exfoliant be a super duo, just like a moisturizer with an SPF? Two Types of Exfoliants To quickly review, there are two types of exfoliants, chemical and physical. Chemical exfoliants have an active ingredient like glycolic acid or salicylic acid. Thing is, glycolic acid is neutralized by water and, well, you kind of need water in... Read more >

Easy Does It... with your Eyes

As I was winding down on Sunday afternoon, I got to thinking about dark circles (again)... thinking that on Monday morning I might find my skin looking a bit tired - especially around my eyes. How Dark Circles Appear I've talked dark circles before, how they are easy to get but not so easy to treat. Dark circles can be caused by any combination of seven different issues: two types... Read more >

Skincare Essentials Recap

Sunscreen I must have said this at least a hundred times already, but sunscreen is the number one priority for skincare. If you don't put anything else on your skin, please (actually, pretty please) use sunscreen everyday. And this means in the winter months as well, when grey skies and snow can sometimes shadow your perspective on just how powerful the sun is. A good sunscreen can go a long... Read more >

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