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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

The Cleanser and Exfoliant Combo

Who wouldn't want to save time these days? So, would a cleanser with an exfoliant be a super duo, just like a moisturizer with an SPF? Two Types of Exfoliants To quickly review, there are two types of exfoliants, chemical and physical. Chemical exfoliants have an active ingredient like glycolic acid or salicylic acid. Thing is, glycolic acid is neutralized by water and, well, you kind of need water in... Read more >

Easy Does It... with your Eyes

As I was winding down on Sunday afternoon, I got to thinking about dark circles (again)... thinking that on Monday morning I might find my skin looking a bit tired - especially around my eyes. How Dark Circles Appear I've talked dark circles before, how they are easy to get but not so easy to treat. Dark circles can be caused by any combination of seven different issues: two types... Read more >

Skincare Essentials Recap

Sunscreen I must have said this at least a hundred times already, but sunscreen is the number one priority for skincare. If you don't put anything else on your skin, please (actually, pretty please) use sunscreen everyday. And this means in the winter months as well, when grey skies and snow can sometimes shadow your perspective on just how powerful the sun is. A good sunscreen can go a long... Read more >

November Recap

We kicked things off with a note about "who knows best" when it comes to skincare. Turns out (and this is no surprise) that you know your skin best, but when it comes to diagnosing skincare issues, you may want to turn to an expert. Enlarged Pores, Dry and Sensitive Skin Enlarged pores got a moment in the limelight, and so did the remedy: chemical and physical exfoliation. We talked... Read more >

Hold the anchovies... and the acne?

So I decided to check out DermTV to see what Dr. Schultz had to say about acne breakouts and food. Here's the scoop: Foods Don't Usually Cause Breakouts First, let me list those forbidden foods that are commonly linked to acne breakouts: chocolate, fried foods, nuts, caffeine, sodas and, yes, pizza. Guess what? By and large, they don't cause breakouts. Dr. Schultz says that if you haven't seen a relationship... Read more >

A Skincare Mistake (or two)

I think I've mentioned my allergy to sunless tanners before - and I've made the same mistake several times over by trying different types of sunless tanners, thinking that my skin might accept one better than the other. I eventually figured out that I was allergic to the dye ingredient - dihydroxyacetone - and that was that. No more sunless tanners for me. The Biggest Skincare Mistake And as long... Read more >

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