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Sunscreen: the Most Important Anti-Aging Product

Dr. Schultz's Thoughts After the reading the report, Dr. Schultz commented: "For years we [doctors] told patients that smoking caused skin cancer. After copious studies, finally they get it. For years we [doctors] told patients that unprotected sun exposure caused premature aging of their skin resulting in lines, wrinkles and sun spots. The current study from Australia, a pioneer country in sun awareness, finally proves it. There's no more refuting... Read more >

Do You Need to Wash Your Sunscreen Off at Night?

Wash It Off Even though your sunscreen is no longer effective, you should be sure to wash your face before going to sleep. While the actives in your sunscreen may be not-so-active anymore, there is probably sunscreen still left on your face. So at the end of the night, you do still need to wash your face. Cleanse and Tone Leftover sunscreen is not the only the only reason to... Read more >

Clouded Over: Why You Should Still Wear Your Sunscreen

Shine On While it may seem that no sun is getting through the clouds (hey, you certainly wouldn't be at the beach), there is still a need to apply your sunscreen. If there is enough light to see in front of you on a cloudy day, then UVA and UVB rays are still getting through. This means that not only can you still get a sunburn from the UVB rays,... Read more >

SPF is Included: Makeup with SPF

Get Covered Much like moisturizers with sunscreen, makeup with SPF does protect your skin at the level that it claims on the bottle. Any product sold with SPF has been tested and approved by the FDA. However, like moisturizers with sunscreen, any makeup with SPF has been tested on a bare face, which means that to get the protection listed on the bottle, it would need to be applied first... Read more >

Maximizing Antioxidants and Sunscreen

While sunscreen and antioxidants both fight the damaging effects of the sun, using them together is not the ideal way to get maximum results. To set this up, we define "maximum results" for sunscreen as "getting protection from the sun" and from your antioxidants as "acting as your second line of defense and protecting your cells and even DNA against damage that may have crept past your sunscreen and gotten... Read more >

Feel the Burn: How to Heal a Sunburn

Accidents happen and so do sunburns. So here are some quick fixes to ease the burn. Immediate Action Sunburns are exhausting. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take immediately to relieve the pain. First, once you are safely out of the sun, you should take aspirin to help stop the burning sensation. If you cannot take aspirin, take Advil or Aleve; they will help, as well. Next, make a... Read more >

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