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How to Get Smoother Skin From Head to Toe

"Daily exfoliation should be the core of every skincare routine," says Dr. Schultz. And while you may be familiar with facial exfoliation (and maybe already exfoliate each evening before bed) there's a Dr. Schultz-approved way to get softer, smoother looking skin all over. Enter BeautyRx's Daily Exfoliating Body Lotion. The product contains 10% buffered and pH-adjusted glycolic, enhanced with Tetrafoliant to gently, yet effectively remove dead skin cells to reveal glowing, even-toned, younger... Read more >

The Key to Acne-Free Summer Skin

Break out your swimsuit, shades, and sandals--summer temperatures are heating up, and beach days and barbecues are on the way. The only thing that could put a damper on your festivities? Annoying acne breakouts. Don't let skin concerns get in the way of your next pool party. Dr. Schultz has some tips to keep your skin clear this summer.  "To address summer skin issues – including acne – glycolic exfoliation is key! Gentle... Read more >

Do You Really Need to Wear Sunscreen on an Airplane?

A 2014 study from JAMA Dermatology showed that pilots and flight attendants are twice as likely to suffer from melanoma when compared to the general population. That's potentially because the intensity of UV radiation, which increases by 15 percent for every 3,000 feet above sea level. And since airplanes typically fly over 35,000 feet, the radiation exposure is much higher than for those on the ground. So what does that mean for jet setters making... Read more >

Is Your Waterproof Sunscreen Really Waterproof?

Waterproof? The FDA has outlined new requirements for sunscreen manufacturers when it comes to "waterproof" sunscreen. Actually, they've made it quite easy. Just as Dr. Schultz has been espousing on DermTV, no sunscreen is actually waterproof and none can be labeled as such. Thus, no sunscreen can last all day long. Sunscreen now, however, can be labeled as "water resistant." There are two subcategories of these sunscreens: those that are... Read more >

Late Summer Skincare: Part 2

Have you started fixing your sunspots and rough skin, like we outlined on Monday? Here are the finals steps to add to your late summer routine. Pump It Up Sun protection is still a key aspect to keep your skin looking its best. Don't start slacking on the sunscreen if you have been diligent all summer. And if you haven't, that's ok. Just be sure to start now to protect... Read more >

Sunscreen First

We have covered different types of sunscreen, different sunscreen formulas, and what to do if you forget to wear sunscreen and get a sunburn. But when should sunscreen be applied? First Things First Sunscreen should be the first product applied to your face in the morning. Of course, you should always cleanse and tone before applying any products in the AM. However, as soon as your toner dries, you should... Read more >

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