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How to Prevent and Treat Sleep Wrinkles

Have you ever looked in the mirror after a night's sleep to find deep lines across your face? Dr. Schultz says that it's not just your imagination. They're sleep wrinkles, which can make you look tired, and even older. Here's why you're getting them and how you can prevent lines in the future.  Sleep lines occur when there's friction between your pillow and your face. To stop this from happening, first Dr. Schultz... Read more >

5 Mother's Day Gifts for Glowing Skin

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and this year, instead of sending another bouquet of tulips or a scented candle, give Mom the gift of glowing skin. We've picked out five Dr. Schultz-approved presents that will be sure to please even the pickiest of mothers.  1. BeautyRx Starter Kit For the mom that's looking for a new skincare regime, the BeautyRx Starter Kit is the perfect place to begin. The pack consists... Read more >

Do You Really Need to Wear Sunscreen on an Airplane?

A 2014 study from JAMA Dermatology showed that pilots and flight attendants are twice as likely to suffer from melanoma when compared to the general population. That's potentially because the intensity of UV radiation, which increases by 15 percent for every 3,000 feet above sea level. And since airplanes typically fly over 35,000 feet, the radiation exposure is much higher than for those on the ground. So what does that mean for jet setters making... Read more >

The Truth About Alcohol and Your Skin

That pounding headache, nausea, and overall awful-feeling isn't the only side effect of overdoing it on the vodka tonics. Your skin suffers, too. Have you ever noticed how puffy and sallow your skin looks after a night of heavy drinking? Alcohol dehydrates your body, and your skin, causing small blood vessels to dilate and widen, allowing more blood to flow close to the skin's surface. That's where puffy eyelids and... Read more >

Can Your Moisturizer Freeze On Your Face?

Body Temperature Every drop of water in sight may be ice, but you can rest assured that your moisturizer won't freeze to your face, even if it is a water-based product. Why, you may ask? Your internal body temperature is around 98.6°F. And while your skin on your face is exposed to lower temperatures, even in the coldest weather, your facial skin temperature won't drop below 80°F. When you apply... Read more >

Is Drinking Water the Key to Good Skin?

Drink Water...If You're Thirsty The "drink-water" treatment seems to be is a myth that appeared from thin air. There are no scientific studies examining this effect; in fact, there is no evidence that drinking water directly correlates to your skin at all. If you are completely dehydrated, then drinking a glass of water will help your skin as much as it will help the rest of your body. And if... Read more >

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