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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

Choosing the Right Moisturizer for Your Skin

Your mother may have always told you that the key to youthful-looking skin is to use a moisturizer. And she’s not wrong! Using a good moisturizer brings a soft, smooth texture to your skin’s surface, reducing the dull, crepey texture that makes your skin look older than it should. You know moisturizing is an important part of your skincare routine, but when there are so many moisturizers for you to choose from,... Read more >

Stripping Down Stripped Skin and the Ways To Fix It

You might associate the feeling of stripped skin as a winter issue, but your skin’s tight discomfort from a lack of moisture is something that can happen at any time during the year. While cold, dry air is at the top of the list for causing dry skin, the summer sun can also contribute. In the same way the sun dries out your swimsuit, a lot of sun can also dry... Read more >

The Quick Fix and Long Term Solutions for Reducing Wrinkles

It’s the one skin condition that everyone can expect to deal with some day: wrinkles. They’re those little, fine lines and deep, exaggerated creases we’d love to erase. Unfortunately, wrinkles like to show up on your skin as soon as possible and can start to appear as early as your mid-twenties. While the reversal of wrinkles is very difficult, there are definite strategies to help minimize their appearance and even... Read more >

NYC Pretty On the One Beauty Product That Changed Her Life

Known for her colorful New York City life, killer fitness photos, and TV appearances on the Today Show, Christine Bibbo Herr, or NYC Pretty, is a lifestyle influencer to follow. How does she stay glow-y and photo-ready? We talked with Christine to find out the details of her daily beauty routine.  What does your typical beauty routine look like? I try to keep my routine as simple as possible. I wash my face with... Read more >

Can Your Skin Get Used to Skincare Products?

Sometimes it’s an uphill battle finding a skincare product that’s perfect for your skin. So once you find one you really like, you probably don’t want to let it go. But is it possible for your skin to get used to your products and they stop working?  Good news. No matter how long you’ve been using the same skincare regimen, there’s no need to change it, unless you want to!... Read more >

5 Common Things That Are Destroying Your Skin

One of the most frustrating skin care struggles is when you improve your skincare routine and don't see results. If you have been using your dermatologist-approved regimen for weeks but still aren’t seeing any changes, there could be other reasons that you’re dissatisfied with your skin. Some of the simplest causes of problem-skin may be hiding in your makeup drawer and ultimately affecting your road to glowing, radiant skin. Keep a... Read more >

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