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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

What Happens When You Don't Wash Your Face

You’ve heard it plenty of times before: “Always wash your face.” No, splashing water on your face doesn’t count. So what’s the big deal? If you don’t wash your face twice a day, your skin is in danger of breakouts due to oil, dirt and makeup clogging pores. Your pores will appear larger and your skin will look dull and textured, instead of having a radiant, youthful glow.  Cleansing helps increase hydration,... Read more >

NYC Pretty On the One Beauty Product That Changed Her Life

Known for her colorful New York City life, killer fitness photos, and TV appearances on the Today Show, Christine Bibbo Herr, or NYC Pretty, is a lifestyle influencer to follow. How does she stay glow-y and photo-ready? We talked with Christine to find out the details of her daily beauty routine.  What does your typical beauty routine look like? I try to keep my routine as simple as possible. I wash my face with... Read more >

Amanda Kloots Revealed Her Wedding Beauty Routine

Amanda Kloots, a former Broadway dancer, Radio City Rockette, and now celebrity trainer and all-around fitness guru just got married over Labor Day weekend to Broadway star Nick Cordero. Naturally, the New York City couple tied the knot at The Skylark, a swanky event space with stunning views of the Empire State Building, and a Broadway-worthy first dance. We talked with Amanda, a patient of Dr. Schultz's and a fan... Read more >

The One Skin Care Step You Might be Missing

If your cleansing routine only consists of one step, then according to Dr. Schultz, you’re missing out on the second part of the most successful cleansing duo. Toners are one of the most misunderstood and underestimated parts of a skin care regimen. If you’re currently skipping over toner while cleaning your face or confused by what it does, let us tell you why you should add this important product to your daily... Read more >

Should You Wash Your Face Before or After a Workout?

We all know working out is great for your body, heart, and mind. But how does breaking a sweat affect the skin? The truth is that the appearance of glowing, dewy skin after a workout starts with the regimen before heading to the gym. If you are prone to post-workout breakouts, it is time to change how you treat your skin before your workout. Wash Your Face Before Taking off your makeup... Read more >

5 Easy Steps for Beautiful Summer Skin

Summer's here, and Dr. Schultz is giving us his crash course on how to achieve beautiful, glowing summer skin.   Step 1: Regimen Ready Adopt a consistent skin routine right away. Dr. Schultz recommends six products to start: cleanser, toner, exfoliant, antioxidant, sunscreen, and moisturizer. If you don't know what type of skin care regimen you should be on, take this quiz to get tips from Dr. Schultz. Use this routine... Read more >

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