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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

The One Skin Care Step You Might be Missing

If your cleansing routine only consists of one step, then according to Dr. Schultz, you’re missing out on the second part of the most successful cleansing duo. Toners are one of the most misunderstood and underestimated parts of a skin care regimen. If you’re currently skipping over toner while cleaning your face or confused by what it does, let us tell you why you should add this important product to your daily... Read more >

Should You Wash Your Face Before or After a Workout?

We all know working out is great for your body, heart, and mind. But how does breaking a sweat affect the skin? The truth is that the appearance of glowing, dewy skin after a workout starts with the regimen before heading to the gym. If you are prone to post-workout breakouts, it is time to change how you treat your skin before your workout. Wash Your Face Before Taking off your makeup... Read more >

5 Easy Steps for Beautiful Summer Skin

Summer's here, and Dr. Schultz is giving us his crash course on how to achieve beautiful, glowing summer skin.   Step 1: Regimen Ready Adopt a consistent skin routine right away. Dr. Schultz recommends six products to start: cleanser, toner, exfoliant, antioxidant, sunscreen, and moisturizer. If you don't know what type of skin care regimen you should be on, take this quiz to get tips from Dr. Schultz. Use this routine... Read more >

3 Tips to Prevent Acne

Almost everybody experiences acne breakouts at some point in their life, from embarrassing teenage breakouts to frustrating adult acne that never quite disappears. The chronic spotting of red bumps can be annoying and sometimes even painful, so Dr. Schultz offered his top tips to help prevent acne, and take control of your skin once and for all. What is Acne Acne is a disease characterized by a mixture of non-inflamed lesions called... Read more >

How to Minimize the Look of Large Pores

"This is an issue that drives many of my patients crazy," says Dr. Schultz. "Enlarged pores are the antithesis of soft, gentle skin." Those large pores are caused by swollen, engorged oil glands resulting from the sebaceous follicular canal being clogged, giving the skin's surface a thick, cobblestoned look-- much like the orange pictured above. The oil collects in the pores, and dirt from the air gets trapped in the... Read more >

How Do Cleansers Work?

Why Cleanse? Cleansing is an integral part of any skincare routine no matter your skin type. Throughout the day, many things can settle on your skin, such as dirt and pollution, in addition to previously applied skincare products, makeup and even excess oil. Cleansing removes all of this debris to clean your skin. Additionally, cleansing allows your treatment products to work better by giving them a clean slate to penetrate... Read more >

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